Our Services

Some of the services we provide:

Custom Home Theater Design & Installation

Whether you’re looking for a dedicated high performance home theater room or just want to turn your living room into a surround sound system we have the products and know how to deliver a home entertainment system that exceeds your expectations.


Smart Home Automation Systems

Integrating the lights, climate control, security system, and energy management systems of your home into one easy-to-use control is our specialty.  Let us give your complete control of your home from a smartphone or tablet.  This is how technology is supposed to behave.


Whole House Audio Video Systems

Want to listen to your music whenever and wherever you like?  We can design and install a system that gives you amazing sound in every room of your house.  With a touch of a button you’ll be listening to your favorite song within seconds.  And the best part?  You can listen to your music while your family listens to THEIRS.


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